Do PS4 Games Load Faster on PS5? Unpacking the Speed Demon of Next-Gen

Remember the days of staring at slow-moving loading screens, impatiently tapping your foot to the soundtrack of elevator music? Those dark ages of gaming are officially over, thanks to the PlayStation 5’s lightning-fast SSD.

But what about your beloved PS4 games? Do they get a taste of this next-gen speed, or are they stuck in the slow lane of last-gen technology? Buckle up, PlayStation pioneers, because we’re about to unravel the mystery of PS4 loading times on PS5.

So, do PS4 games load faster on PS5? We have answered this question in detail.

The SSD Revolution: Why PS5 is a Loading Time Slayer

Imagine swapping out your trusty hard drive for a rocket-powered chip that accesses data at warp speed. That’s essentially what the PS5’s SSD does. Instead of spinning disks and clunky heads, it uses flash memory to instantly retrieve information, slashing load times to mere seconds.

Think of it like this: a hard drive is like trying to find a specific book in a library by flipping through every page of every book one by one. An SSD, on the other hand, is like having a computerized librarian who instantly teleports you to the exact shelf and book you need. No more waiting, no more frustration, just pure gaming bliss.

Real-World Benefits

The impact of faster loading times is monumental. Imagine seamlessly jumping between levels, restarting missions instantly, and saying goodbye to those agonizing elevator rides. It’s like having the fast-forward button for real life, but for your video games.

Immersion Uninterrupted: Flow Like Neo in the Matrix

Faster loading times keep you immersed in the game world. No more jarring breaks in the action, no more time to lose your momentum or forget what you were doing. You’ll be warping through levels like Neo in the Matrix, slicing enemies and solving puzzles with laser focus.

Experimentation Unleashed: Shorter Iterations, More Playtime

Want to try a different weapon, explore a side path, or experiment with different strategies? With faster loading times, you can do it all without wasting precious playtime. Shorter iterations mean more experimentation, more learning, and ultimately, more fun.

Replayability Rewarded: Conquering Games Without the Wait

Ever wanted to replay a beloved PS4 game but dreaded the long loading screens? The PS5 changes the game. You can jump back into your favorite adventures without the fear of waiting, making replayability a truly rewarding experience.

Optimizations and Exceptions

But wait, there’s more! While the SSD is the main hero of this story, it’s not the only player. PS5 has other tricks up its sleeve to enhance your gameplay experience.

Do PS4 games load faster on PS5
Games built specifically for the PS5 are designed from the ground up to take advantage of the SSD’s power

PS5 Game Boost

This feature turbocharges certain PS4 games, giving them smoother frame rates, higher resolutions, and, you guessed it, faster loading times. It’s like giving your old favorites a fresh coat of next-gen paint.

Native PS5 Titles: Built for Speed from the Ground Up

Games built specifically for the PS5 are designed from the ground up to take advantage of the SSD’s power. Expect breathtakingly fast loading, seamless open worlds, and gameplay experiences that feel truly next-gen.

Not All PS4 Games are Optimized: The Legacy Carryover

It’s important to remember that not all PS4 games are created equal. While some benefit greatly from the PS5’s SSD, others might not see a dramatic improvement. It depends on how the game was originally developed and whether it has received any optimization patches.

So, Do PS4 Games Load Faster on PS5? The Verdict is In

The resounding answer is yes! PS4 games, especially those optimized for PS5, enjoy significantly faster loading times compared to their PS4 counterparts. It’s a game-changer for immersion, experimentation, and replayability.

But here’s the caveat: not all games are optimized equally. Some might see modest improvements, while others might feel like they’re stuck in the slow lane. However, the overall trend is clear: the PS5 is a loading time slayer, and your PS4 games will benefit from its speed in one way or another.

The future is fast, my friends. As developers continue to build games specifically for the PS5’s SSD, we can expect even more mind-blowing loading times and gameplay experiences that push the boundaries of what we thought possible. So, dust off your PS4 discs, plug them into your PS5, and prepare to experience your favorite games in a whole new light.


Q. Will my PS4 games load faster on an external SSD on PS5?
A. While an external SSD can improve PS4 game loading times compared to the base PS4 hard drive, it won’t reach the same lightning-fast speeds as the PS5’s internal SSD. The PS5’s SSD is specially designed for next-gen performance, so for the best boost, sticking with the internal storage is your best bet.

Q. Do I need a special PS5 model to play PS4 games faster?
A. Nope! Both the standard PS5 and the Digital Edition offer the same SSD and PS4 game boost capabilities. You can enjoy faster loading times regardless of the model you choose.

Q. Can I transfer my PS4 save files to PS5 for faster loading?
A. Absolutely! Transferring your PS4 save files to PS5 allows you to pick up where you left off and experience the faster loading times immediately. Most games offer seamless save transfer options, making the transition a breeze.

Q. What are some specific examples of PS4 games with significantly faster loading times on PS5?
A. The PS5 Game Boost library is constantly growing, but some standouts include:

  • The Last of Us Part II: Load times are slashed from over a minute to just 15 seconds.
  • God of War: Fast travel takes mere seconds, compared to the lengthy waits on PS4.
  • Final Fantasy XV: Exploring the vast open world is significantly smoother and faster.
  • Star Wars Battlefront II: Jump into multiplayer matches in a fraction of the time.

Q. Will PS5 games always have faster loading times than PS4 games?
A. As developers optimize for the PS5’s SSD, the gap between loading speeds will likely continue to widen. While some PS4 games might see similar load times in the future, the overall trend is towards next-gen games that practically eliminate loading screens altogether.