Does Xactimate work on Mac? (Answered)

Does Xactimate work on Mac

Xactimate is a widely-used software tool in the insurance industry for estimating claims related to property damage. It provides accurate and efficient estimation of repair costs. However, when it comes to using Xactimate on Mac computers, there seems to be a gap between demand and compatibility. We will delve into the compatibility of Xactimate with Mac systems, and explore the options available for Mac users.

According to the official information provided by Verisk, the company behind Xactimate, the software primarily supports Windows operating systems. The system requirements for Xactimate desktop emphasize Windows compatibility, listing Windows 8.1, 10, and 11 (all 64-bit versions) as supported operating systems. The technical specifications provided by Verisk recommend a quad-core x64-bit processor, specific video card requirements, a minimum of 16GB RAM, and other hardware components to ensure optimal performance on Windows systems

So, does Xactimate work on Mac?

Does Xactimate work on Mac
Xactimate and other Verisk estimating products are not supported on Mac OS

Unfortunately, Xactimate does not work on Mac. The official information provided by Verisk explicitly states that Xactimate and other Verisk estimating products are not supported on Mac OS. There are workarounds which come with drawbacks, though. Several options have been explored by Mac users who require Xactimate functionality. Here are a few alternatives. Just know: we do not recommend these methods.

Crossover for Mac

Crossover is a product that allows some Windows-based applications to run on Mac OS without installing Windows. However, Xactimate is not supported through Crossover.

Vmware Fusion

Vmware Fusion lets users run Windows alongside macOS. While it provides compatibility for Windows applications, it might not offer the optimal performance that Xactimate requires.

Boot Camp

Apple’s Boot Camp allows users to install Windows on a separate partition of their hard drive, effectively creating a dual-boot system. While this option offers the most native performance for Windows applications, it requires a separate Windows license.

Final thoughts

Xactimate is primarily designed for Windows operating systems, and official documentation clearly states that it is not supported on Mac OS. While some users have reported limited success using workarounds like virtual machines, the reliability and performance of such setups might vary. For Mac users requiring Xactimate functionality, exploring alternatives like Boot Camp might provide a more reliable solution, although it does come with additional requirements and costs.