Don’t Buy the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra If…

Don't Buy the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra If

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is here, sporting a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, a next-level camera, and a price tag that could make your eyebrows do a Cirque du Soleil act. But hold on before you click “Buy.” While the S24 Ultra is undoubtedly a spec monster, it might not be the perfect fit for everyone. Here are some situations where you might want to reconsider reaching for your wallet.

So, don’t buy the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra if…

1. You’re on a budget

Let’s be honest, the S24 Ultra is expensive. Like, “second mortgage” expensive. Unless you’re Scrooge McDuck swimming in a vault of gold coins, this phone might leave you eating instant ramen for months.

Now, let’s talk real numbers here. The S24 Ultra starts at a cool $1,299.99 for the 256GB model, which is a $100 bump compared to its predecessor. And let’s not forget the storage-induced price jumps: the 512GB version will set you back $1,419.99, and the 1TB option is a whopping $1,649.99. That’s enough to buy a plane ticket to a tropical island, a month’s worth of groceries for a small army, or even a decent used car. So, unless you have a trust fund the size of Mount Everest or a side hustle involving selling dragon scales, think twice before you break the bank for this phone.

Remember, there are plenty of excellent smartphones out there at much more wallet-friendly prices. Consider the S24 or S24 Plus, both offering exceptional features without the eye-watering price tag. Or, if you’re willing to go a generation back, the S23 Ultra is still a powerhouse and can often be found at discounted prices. Just because the latest and greatest tech toy is out doesn’t mean it’s the only option. Think smart, not just smitten, with your wallet in mind.

2. You’re not a photography enthusiast

Sure, the S24 Ultra boasts a camera system so advanced it could make professional photographers weep tears of joy. We’re talking about a monstrous 200MP main sensor, a 12MP ultrawide lens, a 10MP 3x telephoto, and a brand new 50MP periscope lens with 5x optical zoom, expandable to a mind-boggling 100x digital zoom. You could probably capture craters on the moon with this thing, or spy on your neighbor’s cat from five blocks away (we don’t condone spying on cats, though).

But here’s the thing: unless you’re planning on launching your own National Geographic portfolio or opening a high-end portrait studio, most of those features will be as useful as a chocolate teapot. For everyday shots of your coffee, your dog, or your questionable fashion choices, a good mid-range phone with a decent camera will do just fine. You’ll save yourself a hefty chunk of change and avoid the burden of carrying around a mini DSLR in your pocket.

Remember, sometimes less is more. If you’re not aiming for Pulitzer Prize-winning photography, let your wallet and your sanity breathe a sigh of relief. Opt for a phone with a capable camera that fits your needs, not your superhero aspirations. You’ll still get great pictures, without the pressure of mastering manual settings and editing software. Just point, shoot, and enjoy capturing life’s precious moments, without breaking the bank or your artistic spirit.

3. Siri who? You haven’t heard of AI?

Don't Buy the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra If
Honestly, if you don’t care about artificial intelligence features, the Galaxy S24 Ultra ins’t for you (Image credit: CNET)

The S24 Ultra is basically a mini AI wonderland. We’re talking a souped-up Bixby assistant that reads your mind (almost), a camera that automatically enhances your selfies (to uncanny levels), and an interface that predicts your every move (creepy or convenient, you decide). But if you’re the type who still prefers paper calendars and handwritten grocery lists, all that tech wizardry might just feel like expensive bloatware.

Honestly, if you don’t care about artificial intelligence features like Live Translate, Notes Assist, Interpreter, Chat Asist, Transcript Assist, Circle to Search, and Generative Edit suggestions for photos and videos, then skip the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Again, if you find the idea of your phone being smarter than you slightly unsettling, or simply prefer a more low-maintenance tech experience, you can skip the AI bells and whistles without missing a beat.

Remember, there’s beauty in simplicity. Opt for a phone that does the basics well, without the constant barrage of AI nudges and suggestions. You might even rediscover the joy of actually using your brain to remember things, make decisions, and, gasp, have genuine conversations without a silicon intermediary.

4. You prefer compact phones

Don't Buy the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra If
If you’re used to phones that disappear into your palm like a magician’s trick, the S24 Ultra will feel like a constant, unwelcome reminder of its expensive presence (Image credit: Android Police)

This phone is not for the pocket-clutching crowd. The S24 Ultra is a chonker, a behemoth, a brick disguised as a smartphone. If you like your phone to disappear into your back pocket like a ninja, this one will feel like carrying around a small tablet.

The S24 Ultra isn’t just flashy, it’s hefty. We’re talking about a phone with the dimensions of a small brick: 162.3mm tall, 79.0mm wide, and a chunky 8.6mm thick. That’s nearly 6.4 inches tall and 3.1 inches wide, folks. Forget about slipping this behemoth into your skinny jeans or the chic clutch you meticulously chose for your night out.

And don’t forget the weight: a whopping 232 grams. That’s like carrying around a small avocado in your pocket all day. Your hand will get a workout just holding it, not to mention the potential arm strain from constantly reaching for this phone-sized paperweight. If you’re used to phones that disappear into your palm like a magician’s trick, the S24 Ultra will feel like a constant, unwelcome reminder of its expensive presence.

Remember, comfort is key when it comes to your daily tech companion. Opt for a phone that fits your lifestyle and hand size, not one that makes you look like you’re auditioning for a circus strongman act. Trust us, your biceps will thank you later.

5. You’re clumsy like a baby giraffe

This phone is a fragile beauty. One slip from your butterfingers and you might be singing the blues to a shattered screen. If you have a history of phone-crushing incidents, invest in a sturdy case (and maybe some bubble wrap) before even thinking about the S24 Ultra.

6. You’re an eco-warrior

The S24 Ultra’s hefty price tag isn’t the only thing that’s heavy. Manufacturing high-end phones has a significant environmental impact. If you’re conscious about your carbon footprint, consider giving your current phone a new lease on life with a case and screen protector or opting for a refurbished model. 

7. You don’t need all the bells and whistles

Don't Buy the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra If
If you’re just using your phone for calls, texts, and the occasional Instagram scroll skip the S24 Ultra (Image credit: CNET)

The S24 Ultra is packed with features like an AI-powered pen, a built-in zoom lens that could see into next week, and enough processing power to run a small country. But if you’re just using your phone for calls, texts, and the occasional Instagram scroll, all that tech might be overkill. You’ll be paying a premium for things you barely use.

Closing thoughts

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is a fantastic phone, but it’s not for everyone. Before you succumb to its shiny allure, consider your needs, budget, and lifestyle. You might find that a less flashy (and less expensive) phone is a better fit for your pocket and your peace of mind.