Google’s Bard chatbot now responds in real time and offers more control

Google’s Bard Chatbot Now Responds in Real Time and Offers More Control

Google’s Bard AI chatbot has received significant updates, allowing users to experience real-time responses and giving them more control over the conversation. This development was initially spotted by 9to5Google, and it brings enhanced functionality to the chatbot.

Bard chatbot now offers real-time responses. Previously, it only provided answers when the response was complete, but now users can see answers being generated as they type.

Users have the option to choose between “Respond in real time” and “Respond when complete.” These options are accessible through the cog icon in the top-right corner of Bard’s window.

Google has introduced a “Skip response” button, which allows users to cut off the bot mid-sentence. This feature enables users to type a new question or regenerate a response without waiting for the entire answer.

Users can explore alternate responses by clicking the “view other drafts” button.

Google offers the ability to modify responses to be more “casual” or “professional.” Additionally, users can cross-verify answers with information from Google Search.

Google has added features such as the ability to see uploaded images in shared conversations and improved email summarization when used with Gmail.

These updates enhance the user experience and offer more flexibility in how users interact with the Bard chatbot, making it a valuable tool for various tasks.