Is Osmo Compatible with Samsung Tablets? (Answered)

Is Osmo Compatible with Samsung Tablets?

Osmo has taken the educational technology world by storm with its innovative blend of physical toys and digital games. Kids can code, solve math problems, and embark on creative adventures, all while interacting with colorful blocks, coding characters, and other tangible objects. But if you’re a Samsung tablet owner, you might be wondering: is Osmo compatible with Samsung tablets?

We’ll delve into the world of Osmo compatibility and answer the burning question: can Samsung tablets play with Osmo? We’ll explore the technical specs, the available games, and even offer some alternative options if your Samsung doesn’t make the cut. So buckle up, parents and curious minds, and let’s get ready to play!

So, is Osmo compatible with Samsung tablets?

Is Osmo Compatible with Samsung Tablets
None of the Osmo games or kits are guaranteed to work on your Galaxy Tab or any other Samsung device (Image credit: Osmo)

Before we dive into the details, let’s get the big question out of the way. As of October 2023, Osmo is not officially compatible with Samsung tablets. This means that none of the Osmo games or kits are guaranteed to work on your Galaxy Tab or any other Samsung device.

That’s the official line, but there might be a glimmer of hope for tech-savvy parents. Some users have reported success running Osmo apps on certain Samsung tablets through unofficial methods, like sideloading apps or using emulators. However, these methods are not supported by Osmo and may come with technical challenges and compatibility issues.

Exploring the Osmo universe: iPads and beyond

While Samsung tablets might be out of the picture for now, Osmo offers a wide range of compatible devices. The mainstays are iPads: most recent models, including the iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad Pro, work seamlessly with Osmo.

Beyond iPads, select Amazon Fire tablets are also on the compatibility list. This opens up the door for more budget-friendly options for families who want to experience Osmo’s magic.

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A world of playful learning awaits

Even if your Samsung tablet can’t join the Osmo fun just yet, the world of this innovative learning system is still worth exploring. Osmo’s games cover a wide range of subjects, from coding and math to creative expression and social skills. Kids can build coding blocks to control characters on the screen, solve math problems by placing numbers on a tangram puzzle, or even use coding to create their own music and animations.

The combination of physical interaction and digital play makes Osmo a truly unique and engaging learning experience. Kids are not just passively consuming content; they are actively building, creating, and problem-solving, all while having a blast.

So, what’s next?

Is Osmo Compatible with Samsung Tablets
Osmo is compatible with iPads and select Amazon Fire tablets

While Samsung tablets might not be compatible with Osmo just yet, the future is full of possibilities. Osmo is constantly innovating and expanding its reach, and who knows, maybe one day Samsung devices will join the playful learning party. In the meantime, there are still plenty of ways to experience the magic of Osmo, whether with an iPad, a Fire tablet, or even a good old-fashioned cardboard box and some imagination.

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Is a workaround worth It? Navigating the unofficial Osmo and Samsung Galaxy path

While the official stance remains a firm “no” for Osmo and Samsung tablets, a resourceful group of parents and tech enthusiasts have carved out an unofficial path. Sideloading apps and using emulators are the main workarounds, but proceed with caution.


This involves downloading Osmo apps from APK mirrors outside the official Google Play Store. While technically possible, there are risks of downloading outdated or even malicious versions. Additionally, Osmo doesn’t guarantee performance or support for sideloaded apps, leaving you to troubleshoot any issues on your own.


Tools like Bluestacks create a virtual Android environment on your Samsung tablet, allowing you to run apps designed for other devices. Compatibility varies across emulator platforms and games, and performance can be sluggish on less powerful tablets. Furthermore, emulators often require technical know-how to set up and maintain.

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Weighing the risks and rewards

Before venturing down the unofficial path, consider these factors.

  • Your technical expertise: Are you comfortable navigating APKs and emulators, or would the potential troubleshooting outweigh the benefits?
  • Your tablet’s performance: Can your Samsung tablet handle the processing demands of running emulated apps smoothly?
  • Your risk tolerance: Are you comfortable downloading apps from unofficial sources, knowing there’s a potential for technical glitches or security risks?

Alternative avenues for playful learning

Even if you decide Osmo and your Samsung tablet aren’t a match, the quest for engaging learning needn’t end. Here are some alternatives.

  • Explore similar learning platforms: Apps like Khan Academy Kids and DragonBox Spark offer similar blends of physical and digital play, albeit without the unique Osmo hardware.
  • Harness the power of creativity: Encourage open-ended, hands-on learning through activities like building with Legos, coding robots, or conducting science experiments.
  • Turn everyday objects into playful tools: Let imagination run wild with cardboard boxes, construction paper, and found objects. Simple board games and puzzles can also spark learning and fun.

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Closing thoughts

So, is Osmo compatible with Samsung tablets? Not yet officially, but that doesn’t mean the learning party’s over! Remember, the quest for knowledge isn’t limited by the device in your hand. Whether you’re tangoing with Osmo on an iPad, waltzing with alternative apps on your Samsung tablet, or even breakdancing with offline activities, the key is to ignite that spark of curiosity and nurture a lifelong love of learning. So, embrace the possibilities, navigate the challenges, and watch your child’s mind blossom, one playful discovery at a time. The future of learning is boundless, and your child is ready to explore it, one creative step at a time!


Q. Can I use an emulator to run Osmo on my Samsung tablet?
A. While emulators exist, their compatibility with Osmo can be unpredictable and may not offer optimal performance. It’s best to explore alternative apps or workarounds for a smoother learning experience.

Q. Are there any educational apps similar to Osmo available for Android?
A. Absolutely! Apps like Kids Academy, DragonBox, and CodeCombat offer engaging learning experiences that mimic some of Osmo’s playful approach. Explore and discover the perfect fit for your child’s learning style.

Q. What other learning tools can I use with my Samsung tablet besides Osmo?
A. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find what resonates with your child. Consider online coding platforms like Tynker, creative outlets like Draw & Tell, or even interactive storybooks like Epic! The possibilities are endless!

Q. Is it worth waiting for Osmo to become compatible with Samsung tablets?
A. That depends! If you’re set on Osmo’s unique blend of physical play and learning, patience might be a virtue. However, if you need immediate learning solutions, explore the wealth of alternative apps and platforms available for Android devices. Remember, a child’s learning journey shouldn’t be put on hold by compatibility woes.

Q. Where can I find more information and support for Osmo and Samsung devices?
A. Both Osmo and Samsung offer dedicated online communities and resources. Explore their websites, forums, and social media channels for troubleshooting tips, user experiences, and updates on potential compatibility developments. Additionally, educational blogs and parenting forums can be valuable sources of information and support.