Is the PS5 Rest Mode Fixed? (2024 Update)

Is PS5 Rest Mode Fixed

The PlayStation 5’s rest mode, a feature designed for low-power downloads and quick restarts, was plagued by reports of unexpected shutdowns and crashes early in the console’s life. While some users swear by it, others have been hesitant to trust the feature.

So, has Sony addressed these concerns? Let’s dive in and explore the current state of PS5 rest mode.

Current Status

Is PS5 Rest Mode Fixed
Reports of malfunctioning PS5 rest mode continue to surface

Despite recent updates, reports of malfunctioning PS5 rest mode continue to surface. Sony hasn’t officially pinpointed the exact reason behind the problem, leaving many gamers in the dark.

Potential Causes

While the official culprit remains unknown, some speculate that hardware conflicts or software bugs might be to blame. Imagine tiny glitches in the system causing your PS5 to have a restless sleep!

Impact on Users: More Than Just Annoyance

A malfunctioning rest mode isn’t just inconvenient. It can lead to:

  • Improper shutdown messages: Imagine the confusion of seeing a message claiming your PS5 wasn’t turned off correctly, even when you did it the usual way.
  • Potential data loss: In rare cases, critical data like game progress might be compromised due to unexpected shutdowns.

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Possible Solutions: Taking Matters into Our Own Hands (For Now)

Is PS5 Rest Mode Fixed
Remember, these are temporary fixes and may not work for everyone

While a permanent fix awaits, here are some temporary solutions you can try.

  • Adjust Power Settings: Head over to Settings > System > Power > Power Saving. Try tweaking options like “Supply power to USB ports” and “Set time until PS5 turns off automatically.”
  • Disable HDMI Device Link: This feature allows your PS5 to power on/off linked devices like your TV. Go to Settings > System > HDMI > Enable HDMI Device Link and turn it off.

Remember, these are temporary fixes and may not work for everyone. A permanent solution from Sony is likely needed to fully address the issue.

Final Thoughts: A Work in Progress

As of now, the PS5 rest mode woes remain unaddressed. A complete shutdown might be necessary until a permanent solution arrives.


Q. Will Sony fix the PS5 rest mode issue?
A. Sony is likely working on a permanent solution, but an official announcement regarding the fix is awaited.

Q. Is it safe to use PS5 rest mode altogether?
A. While some users haven’t encountered issues, it’s advisable to exercise caution until a permanent solution arrives. Consider a full shutdown if you’re concerned about potential data loss.

Q. Where can I find the latest information about PS5 updates?
A. Sony usually announces updates through their official website and social media channels.

Q. Are there any other ways to save progress while playing games?
A. Most games offer manual save options within the game itself. Utilize these features regularly to avoid losing progress.

Q. What should I do if I encounter the “improper shutdown” message?
A. Sony recommends rebuilding the system database in such cases. You can find instructions for this process on the PlayStation website.