Meta to compete with Apple’s Vision Pro with cheaper headsets and no controllers

Meta's Ambitious Plans to Compete with Apple's Vision Pro: Cheaper Headsets and No Controllers

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is setting its sights on a new strategy to compete with Apple’s Vision Pro in the world of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) technology. Mark Gurman, a reputable tech journalist, revealed in Bloomberg’s Power On newsletter that Meta is adjusting its approach in response to Apple’s announcement of the Vision Pro earlier this year.

Gurman’s report suggests that Meta is in the “afraid of Apple” stage, akin to the mobile phone industry before the iPhone’s launch. To better compete with Apple, Meta is shifting its focus away from the metaverse and towards practical applications of VR technology, such as gaming and productivity.

Apple’s Vision Pro is seen as a more practical and down-to-earth headset, despite its premium price. Meta acknowledges the need to cater to a broader audience beyond early adopters, as the VR market is poised for significant growth.

Part of Meta’s strategy is to release a VR headset without controllers, aiming to lower the cost of entry into the VR space. The company’s upcoming headset, codenamed Ventura, is designed to be even more affordable than its predecessor, the Quest 3. Gurman notes that the Quest 3 is already priced at less than 15% of the cost of Apple’s Vision Pro.

Additionally, Meta is working on improving comfort and screen resolution in its future headsets, making them more appealing to consumers.

While Apple and Meta are targeting different markets with their respective VR offerings, Meta recognizes the need to diversify its product range. As the VR market matures, Meta aims to secure its position by offering a more cost-effective and practical alternative to the immersive experiences offered by competitors.