Netflix Discontinues $10 ‘Basic’ Plan in the US and UK

Netflix Discontinues $10 'Basic' Plan in the US and UK

Netflix, the popular streaming giant, has made a significant change to its pricing model by discontinuing its $10 ‘Basic’ tier option in both the United States and the United Kingdom. The Basic plan, known for being the most affordable option without ads, will no longer be available for new or rejoining subscribers in these regions. The company quietly updated its Plans and Pricing page to reflect this change, leaving potential customers with limited options for their streaming subscriptions.

Existing subscribers who are currently on the Basic plan will have the option to continue their membership at this tier until they decide to switch plans or cancel their account entirely. However, the removal of the Basic plan leaves customers with only three alternatives to choose from:

  1. Standard Plan with Ads: This plan allows users to watch content with advertisements and supports streaming on two devices simultaneously.
  2. Standard Plan without Ads: Subscribers at this tier can enjoy ad-free streaming on two devices at a time and can also access content in Full HD.
  3. Premium Plan: Netflix’s high-tier offering includes ad-free streaming on up to four devices simultaneously, along with the added benefits of 4K Ultra HD and HDR support.

The removal of the Basic plan is part of Netflix’s strategy to encourage users to opt for its Standard Ad-Supported plan, which has been promoted more actively during sign-ups in recent times. The company appears to be nudging its audience towards these higher-tier plans by making the Basic option less visible during the subscription process. With the Basic plan eliminated, customers in the US and UK who prefer an ad-free experience will now have to pay at least $15.49 and £11 a month, respectively, for the Standard Plan without Ads.

It’s worth noting that this is not the first time Netflix has adjusted its subscription offerings. In the past, the company has experimented with different plans and pricing structures to cater to the diverse preferences of its global user base. In a move to offer more options and potentially attract a wider audience, Netflix had previously introduced a cheaper subscription tier with ads called “Basic with Ads” in select countries, including Australia, the US, and the UK. However, the recent change involving the removal of the $10 Basic plan appears to be a response to shifting market dynamics and the company’s continuous efforts to optimize its pricing strategy.

As Netflix remains one of the leading players in the streaming industry, it will be interesting to see how this pricing adjustment impacts its subscriber base and revenue in the months to come. While some users may opt for the more affordable ad-supported plans, others might be willing to pay extra for an uninterrupted ad-free viewing experience and additional features like 4K streaming and multiple device access.